Pine Tree Potters' Guild Members' Gallery

Artist: Rhonda Uppington

Artist Biography

In 2007, Rhonda touched clay for the first time since high school when she took a Tile and Extrusion course at the Haliburton School of the Arts. Earlier explorations in printmaking, both relief and collagraph, are combined with her ceramic practice to create unique surface decoration. She is drawn to the minutiae in everyday life, the delicate details created by the hand of man or Mother Nature that, in our hurried lives, are overlooked by many. From skeletonized magnolia leaves to bits of tatted lace, you will often find these details preserved in Rhonda’s ceramics. While she does make functional works (tumblers, vases, mugs, plates, bowls), Rhonda prefers to make more decorative art pieces (wall tiles, tile mirrors, lidded vessels). She also combines her own handmade tiles with commercial ones to create mosaics. Commissions are welcomed!

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